art spicesThey are very popular through our customers, because they offer a single seasoning step during processing, which can simplify operations.

CONDIROL® 1 to 24 - range of products typically contains several different types of spices and natural flavours that create a balanced sensory experience through aroma, taste and mouthfeel,
AROLMIX® 1 to 16 complete range of spices and flavorings without any added flavour enhancer (NO MSG, NO guanilat, NO inosinat, NO yeast extract).

We provide you a wide range of seasonings blends for all range of meat products, from fresh, dry fermented to cooked sausages. They were created through a very carefully selections of the ingredients, some will enhance a complementary flavor, a particularly color or an ethnic flair.

For the demand in the meat industry for high quality cost-effective ingredients that are user friendly and ready to use, we produce a complete package of ROLMIX® 1 to 20 - blends from functional ingredients and additives, with selected spices, with flavours incorporated thereby reducing the workload as well as reducing the possibilities of error in formulation by the customer.