art meat flavourROLLIT® meat flavour systems enhance the meat’s natural flavour and create product diversity, a factor equally as important as convenience.

Adding flavours, seasonings and/or a flavour system to meat often enhances its appeal. ROLAROMA® flavours can replace characteristics lost during processing or cooking, or they can mimic certain notes created during specific processes, for example, grilling, smoking, roasting, etc:

ROLAROMA® PORK, BEEF, LAMB or CHICKEN – natural flavor systems with a balanced note, of cooked/grilled meat, specific for every species
ROLAROMA® HAM 1,2,3,4,5 – different natural flavor systems with a balanced note, for a wide range of cooked and cured pork hams
ROLAROMA® BACON – a very specific flavor for cooked or raw bacon products
ROLAROMA® LIVER – suitable for all pates, meat, vegetable and vegan products.
ROLAROMA® SMOKE – suitable for all meat, vegetable and vegan products.

Our flavours add value to meat products by allowing the creation of consistent, more complex profiles in a meat product and do so in an economic and efficient manner.
Our flavours are on dry powdered bases, which remain stable at room-temperature dry storage.