art fiberEven after adding phosphates and salt, a product might require additional water to be bound. Here an ingredient such as fiber becomes effective.
One of our products:
FIBTEX® IT (NON – allergenic) for Italian market (for fresh sausage, burgers, etc)
FIBTEX® CP (NON – allergenic) for Serbian, Ex-Yugoslavian market (especially for cevapcici , plaskavitza, fresh sausages and burgers).
FIBTEX® SKD (NON – allergenic) for Turkish market (kofte, burger).
FIBTEX® 250 for Romanian and Bulgarian market (mici, cevapcici, fresh sausages and burgers)
FIBTEX® 200 (only soy fiber) – for all applications.

All these products are highly functional fibers with a very good water binding and even emulsion stabilizing properties. Can be used to improve on texture of finely comminuted products (sausages), minced meats (fresh, fried or cooked), cooked (cured or uncured) products and even raw-sausages by partial or total replacement of traditional ingredients (non-meat proteins, starches, etc). This structure improver also has a positive effect on color, bite and taste!

Fiber offers almost limitless possibilities, such as improving texture, appearance, moisture control and shelf life. It can be used as a bulking agent for fat and calorie reduction. Improved technology allows for reduced, increased or controlled water absorption and improves flavour impact.

Our advantages:
• Better texture, bite and mouth feel
• High hydration and water retention ability (1:6 to 1:10)
• Less cooking or frying loss
• Increased juiciness
• Improves flavor impact
• Less loss of liquid in fillings
• Increased shelf-life
• Increased color stability
• Extended freeze / thaw quality
• Increased yield
Developing more functional foods that contain these fibers is a good way for food designers to provide excellent nutrition and functionality to their products.