art proteinsHigh functional simple products or carefully composed blends, vegetable or animal origin, for bowl-chopper applications with highly emulsifying properties or for creating “meat analogues” based on highly gelling capacities. They are proteins added to meat products, such as patés, cooked sausages, spreads, etc., to prevent separation of product components to ensure consistency. They make it possible for water and oil to become finely dispersed in each other, creating a stable, homogenous, smooth emulsion.


As the main components of sausages are meat proteins, fat and water, they need to be bound together in a stable emulsion. Proteins as emulsifiers stabilize this emulsion and distribute the fat finely throughout the product.

In low-fat products and mainly in low-cost products, our proteins used as pre-gellified material are offering a “like meat” appearance and are covering the protein necessary level.

PROTEUS® ISO – highly functional soy isolate (min. 91% protein), GMO free, light color and neutral taste, for emulsifying and stabilizing of fat/oil/water emulsions (1:5:5 or 1:6:6 depends on the application).
PROTEUS ® ISO/C – coloured functional soy isolate (min. 91% protein) for using as meat analogue granules. High hydration and water retention ability (1:4). The color of granule is the same as color cooked pork meat and it is stable after cooking.
ROLPRO ® CON DKR ( min 71% protein) – similarto  Alfa DK. High texture in the very low cost recipes.
ROLPRO® CON 780 (min 70% protein) – similar to DANPRO 780. For cooked and smoked salami and sausages
ROLPRO® CON 760 (min 70% protein) - similar to DANPRO 760. For emulsifier products, frankfurter, lyoner, etc.
ROLPRO® CON 650 (min 60% protein) – highly functional concentrate for various degree of emulsification (emulsifiers) and water retention (1,5:5:4,5).
ROLPRO® - specifically designed functional concentrate range for canned product (pate, luncheon meat, etc.)

ROLPRO® 70 SJ (min 70% protein) – similar to ARCON SJ
ROLPRO® 680 HV (min 60% protein)

Our advantages:
• Excellent emulsion property
• Lower cooking, smoking, frying losses
• Temperature-stable fat/oil emulsions
• Creating meat analogues
• Enhancing texture
• Increase the protein level
• Preventing fat melting or jelly separation
• Improving consistency and structure
• Increasing yields
• Reducing the water-activity