art meat functional

EMSKIN 300 – special blend for skin pork emulsion with soy protein and fibers.

CARROGEL 500 – blend of carrageenan, gel strength min 500 gr/sqcm

CARROGEL 1000 – blend of carrageenan, gel strength min 1000 gr/sqcm

ROLFRESH® ACTIV – created to extend the shelf-life and to enhance the color of minced meats, convenience foods, patties, burgers and fresh sausages. Dosage 0,5%. This product is similar to BOMBAL.

ROLLACT K+ - liquid preservative (blend of potassium lactate and potassium acetate) with quick-action lowering water activity, increasing the shelf life of injected products and fresh products (fresh sausages, burgers, etc), inhibiting listeria monocytogenes for fresh products.

ROLPHOS EM – blend of different phosphates (E450, E451, E452) – for emulsifying products or cooked and smoked products (sausage and salami)

ROLPHOS INJECT – blend of phosphates for brine solution


  • ROLVEG – for fresh sausages, burgers, cevapcici, plaskavitza (for labelling declaration: vegetable extract no E number). Dosage 1%
  • CARMINAL FORTE- for all meat applications
  • CARMINAL 30 - for all meat applications
  • ROLCARMIN® - for all meat applications
  • ROLCARMIN® G - for meat analogues (soy or animal granules)

ROLSMOKE – liquid smoke for taste and color for cooked and smoked products

ROLASPIC®- High quality dry powder natural gelatin blends with exceptional clarity and light colour. Treated for extended shelf-life and stability.