art meat tenderizedMeat tenderness is associated with the degree of quality. While certain meat cuts have their own tenderness based on their muscle source, others achieve tenderness through proper cooking technique and/or marinating prior to cooking.

ROLLIT® offers dry-powders composition for brines in which fresh meat, fish or poultry are soaked/injected to tenderize.
ROLMEAT®, used for various fresh meat cuts, can add moisture to the meat and increases colour stability and shelf-life.

Different types of fresh meat tenderizers are available for various moisture addition to different meats (poultry, beef, pork, lamb, ostrich, ...), with or no flavourings incorporated.

These meats become also raw materials for marinated cuts or for breaded and coated convenience products.

Some of our products of this type:

ROLMEAT® 15 – tenderizer with neutral taste, suitable for all kind of fresh meat cuts, for a +15% - 20% water retention capacity
ROLMEAT® 25 – tenderizer with neutral taste, suitable for all kind of fresh meat cuts, for a +25% - 30% water retention capacity
ROLMEAT® CHK 30 – tenderizer with neutral taste, suitable for fresh chicken meat cuts, for a +30% - 50% water retention capacity

Our advantages:

• Better taste than normal fresh meat
• Better texture, bite and mouth feel
• Increased colour stability
• Better shelf-life
• Increased juiciness
• Less cooking or frying loss
• Freeze thaw stable raw material
• Salt - not necessary
• Not increasing the phosphates content of fresh meat
• Higher sales yield

Our tenderizing solution uses also antimicrobial ingredients, in addition to the other functional ingredients added. These antimicrobials helps extend shelf life.