art blends ham beaconWe introduce you a product group identified by the name ROLMIX INJECT® and ROLHAM®, which implies their characteristic of adding increased water-binding capacity. The both ranges of product are used as highly efficient gelling agents in the production of many processed meat products (different types of ham, bacon, or natural shape products), where extra water-binding is essential, resulting in much higher yields and minimum cooking losses.



ROLMIX INJECT® and ROLHAM® products are added to the tumbler, injected or added to the mixer or even bowl-chopper. They have specific characteristics and are designed to solve various problems like improving the texture, tenderness or firmness of the final product.
Different formulations for quality products are available: low, medium and high injection level for pork, beef or poultry hams; pork bacon; cooked meat products; etc. Also highly technological blends for cook-in the bag type of hams or high yield reformed hams are possible.

ROLMIX INJECT® 40-50 – for pork or beef meat injection, suitable for bacon and all other lean red meat (loin, neck, etc); no starch or vegetable protein added.
ROLMIX INJECT® 80 – for pork or beef meat high injection, suitable for lean red meat (loin, neck, etc.) or fatty muscles (bacon or similar); increased yield, only 2 E number into formula (E451 and E301).
ROLMIX INJECT® 7S / MTC – especially for METALQUIMIA equipment.
ROLMIX® BACON 30 – especially for pork bacon meat injection; increased yield; strong gel between the fat/meat layers; natural meat color
ROLHAM® PLUS PK – for restructured cooked pork ham (80% - 150% yield)
ROLHAM® PLUS CHK – for restructured cooked poultry ham (80% - 150% yield)
ROLHAM® PLUS TK – for restructured cooked turkey ham (80% - 150% yield)

Our advantages:

• Excellent water-binding capacity
• Create strong gels
• Injectable or non injectable versions available
• Increased sliceability
• No “rubbery” mouthfeel
• Provides denser and very firm structure in hams
• Improving structure, taste of sausages
• Avoid water separation and jelly separation
• Avoid drip loss in the packaging
• Lower cooking, smoking, frying losses
• Yield increasing