art emulsified prodWe carefully selected additives and other functional ingredients to form complete blends for bowl-chopper and/or mixer applications with stabilizing, emulsifying, shelf-life, texture and colour improving properties.

ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL technological and functional blends are added to a big range of meat products such as patés, frankfurters, cooked or cooked & smoked sausages etc. 

ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL is use to prevent separation of product components, to ensure the best consistency and texture according to customer recipe. They make it possible for water and oil to become finely dispersed in each other, creating a stable, homogenous, smooth emulsion. They stabilize the product in term of waterholding capacity, shelf-life and colour.

Customized blends with various spices and aroma added to create a nice finishing touch and national specific taste, are also available.

Our advantages:

• Excellent emulsifying properties
• Preventing fat melting or jelly separation
• Improving consistency and structure
• Enhancing texture and mouthfeel
• Increasing production yields
• Increase the protein level in the final product
• Colour stabilization
• Shelf-life enhancing through reducing water activity
• Controlled pH
• Increased water holding capacity
• Minimized losses during thermal treatment
• Custom’s taste based on fine spices and aroma's blends
• Tailor made to meet a specific customer request
• Easy to use

Complete blends for customized products solutions (Frankfurters, Parisian, sausage, salami, etc).

ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL 1 – dosage 1%, for fine emulsion
ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL PLUS – dosage 1%, for fine emulsion
ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL 2 - dosage 2%, for fine emulsion
ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL 3 – dosage 3%, for cooked and smoked sausages
ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL 4 – dosage 3,6% for cooked and smoked salami
ROLMIX® FUNCTIONAL SCM – dosage 4,3% for cooked and smoked salami

BITEX® – blend of fiber and meat functional protein for texture improvement (especially in low cost recipes).